November 1, 2021

Innovative Solutions for Combating Truck Driver Shortage

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How to Attract or Retain Truck Drivers


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In recent years, the number of truckload drivers has reduced drastically. Traditional methods for resolving a driver shortage don’t seem to be working either. These challenges are slowing down the economy significantly. It’s time for logistics firms to start investing and developing new solutions. Below are some solutions that companies can adopt to combat driver shortages.

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Reward Loyalty and Safety

During a diver shortage, competition for truck drivers is often fierce. Some logistics firms are beginning to adopt yearly bonus programs. You should consider creating a bonus program that aligns with your organization. Reward your employees for maintaining a clean driving

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Improve Benefits

A salary isn’t everything for employees. While higher wages are a perk for many, some people would rather have better benefits. If there is room in your budget for additional offerings, then you should consider that. For instance, you could provide more paid time offers, a pension scheme, or a better insurance scheme to retain or attract drivers.

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Improve Driver Health

Nearly 70% of truck drivers are obese, putting them at risk of chronic conditions, such as diabetes. Poor health has caused older generations to change careers while driving away health-conscious millennials and Gen Zers. As a company, you could help your drivers become healthier. For instance, you could equip them with digital health gadgets or pay for national gym memberships.

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Stay Updated on the Latest Technology

Investing in technology could improve your hiring process, in addition to the drivers’ daily operations. New technology includes fleet management tools or continuous monitoring devices to ensure the drivers’ safety. Technology improves efficiency, which is essential to driver retention.

Trucking firms should start making significant investments in disruptive innovations to stem the driver shortage. Some of the innovative ways that could work include improving the benefits available to drivers, supporting driver health, updating technology, and rewarding loyal drivers. 

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