A new direction
for freight

Through our platform, we can easily monitor all our trucks and freights, 24 hours a day.

Our Safety Patterns

With artificial intelligence (AI) and g-force accelerometer data to detect and audibly alert drivers to high-risk behaviors and incidents in real-time.

01 Distracted Driving
02 Tailgating
03 Rolling Stops
04 Harsh Driving
Distracted Driving

Remind drivers to focus on the road when they become distracted.


Detect and proactively coach drivers when they follow vehicles too closely.

Rolling Stops

Harsh Driving

Automatically detect harsh braking, acceleration, turning, and crashes.

Discover the Benefits

We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver the desired products within the confines of the time parameters provided.

24/7 Visibility

Our extensive network allows us to successfully adapt to the demands that may arise, providing clients with the ability to reroute and adjust shipment paths across our network of facilities.

Reliable Tracking

Remain connected with our reliable freight tracking technologies. You're able to determine the status of shipment locations and estimated times of arrival in order to provide helpful insights for time sensitive shipments.

Always Giving More

Our facilities aid in our continued efforts to maintain our reputation as an efficient and reliable provider.


We aim to offer you flexibility and customer solutions that distribute growth for your business and company needs. We are revolutionizing the future of your warehousing and logistics services.

Expedited Process

Thanks to improved efficiency, our clients enjoy impactful time savings. We automatically optimize job ordering based on distance for most efficient routes. These processes allow your shipments to travel safely toward their destination in a timely manner

Customer Support

Our friendly customer service is here to support all your needs, providing you with the ultimate solutions. Have a specific issue? Contact us directly so that we can help you.

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