September 24, 2021

The Latest Trends In Trucking Technology Revealed

And Their Utility in Today’s Trucking World

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Innovative trucking solutions are fast overtaking the transportation and logistics industry. In today’s world of smart shipping solutions, you will find many changes in the way goods are now moved or transported from one place to another. This trend has not only increased efficiencies but also reduced carbon footprints that are otherwise harming the environment. At AGM Transport, we are always looking for innovative technologies to enhance our transportation systems. Here are some of the latest trends in trucking technology:

A man getting into his truck.


Electric Trucking Systems

Once upon a time, electric transportation systems were considered a joke. However, as the world is fast moving into environmentally conscious ways of living, you will find that even trucking systems and solutions are now shifting to an electric model. This revolutionary shift will cut back on fuel and repair costs that would otherwise demand free-flowing funding.

A semi-truck company delivering a load.

Let’s Build Platoons!

Did you know that trucking systems using telematics to communicate with one another can form platoons for increasing efficiencies and reducing delays in delivery? The telematics system allows trucks to communicate with one another by sharing each other’s information. Through this communication, they are able to form long lines thereby reducing emissions and overall fuel consumption.

A semi-truck yard with multiple trucks parked.


An Integrated IoT System

By integrating an Internet of Things (IoT) system into trucks, companies can now manage a plethora of data ranging from location tracking to fleet alignment and ensuring eco-friendly shipping routes. As the world gradually moves towards a technologically advanced setting, we will find ourselves amidst a bright future of the trucking industry. The IoT system will help with better integration of fleets and support sensory data to enhance efficiencies.

A semi-truck driving through a remote location.

A Hybrid Model

Although it may seem that the age of self-driving trucks is upon us, the role of humans will never completely end. Experts at Uber postulate that innovations in trucking technologies may encourage automation; however, humans will still need to take over during the last few miles through urban and industrial areas. This is primarily because of the complexities of such areas that may not align with a self-driving truck’s interface.

As the world moves towards a digital hub of tech-savvy systems and integrations, the trucking industry is not far behind in technological advancements. From the integration of telematics to the Internet of Things, the future of the trucking and transportation system is looking very bright. In other words, it will be about increasing efficiencies, reducing fuel consumption, and emissions. At AGM Transport Inc., we are always looking for innovations that will enhance overall service delivery and support our client’s businesses. To learn more about our services and systems, give us a call today!

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