October 6, 2021

What Are Trailer Pools?

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AGM Transport strives to provide reliable and trustworthy shipping and trucking services to its customers. Our trailer pools increase flexibility and lower detention costs that work to increase loading and offloading efficiency. Some of the benefits include reduced dock congestion, reduced costs associated with driver detention, accommodation to seasonal surges, and a steady carrier capacity. Keep reading to learn more about what trailer pools are and how you can benefit from partnering with us.

Tractor-trailer trucks in line at a rest stop.

Trailer Pool Overview

Trailer pools are groups of pre-loaded trailers that carriers can both pick up and drop off at shipper facilities. Decoupling the power unit from the trailer allows for loading and unloading to happen without the driver present. This, in turn, lowers costs and limits waiting time for shippers and drivers alike.

Two modern black and white semi-trucks with trailers on the side of an interstate highway.

The Waiting Game

No one likes to wait, least of all companies that are waiting for the delivery of necessary goods. Despite the advancements in the trucking industry, which have made trucking efficient and reliable, the waiting problem stems from a lack of operational planning. Drivers tend to wait the most when shippers load and unload trailers, which can have a negative effect on a company’s bottom line.

Classic rig big semi in transport on an interstate highway.

What Kinds of Problems Does Waiting Create?

The trucking industry operates on tight margins and strict deadlines. The more time a trucker waits or drives with an empty trailer, the more cost, waste, and pollution accrues. Waiting reduces the time truckers can safely and legally haul active loads.

Shippers, on the other hand, are also negatively affected by the issues born from waiting. Small businesses and large distribution centers alike must hastily load or unload trailers in order to avoid dwell time chargers. If a trailer is not palletized, this process can be incredibly labor-intensive, and can sometimes result in a scramble to find enough people and equipment to unload the haul.

Semi-truck in transport on an interstate highway.

The Solution

One of the most effective solutions to this problem is to use trailer pools. Trailer pools allow truckers to make more drop and hook moves as opposed to live loading and unloading. Instead of waiting around at a customer’s facility, the driver can drop an empty trailer and immediately pick up a full one either on-site or nearby.

What kind of benefits can you expect from a solution like trailer pools, though? Well, one of the most crucial measurements of success in business is the return on investment. If you find yourself losing time and money because drivers and equipment owners have to wait and search for available trailers, then trailer pools are more than a viable option — they are a necessary one. Learn more by giving our team a call. We would love to discuss your options with you!

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