January 10, 2022

Now is the best time to become a truck driver!

Now is the best time to become a truck driver!


Though there have been for a long time speculations about the trucking industry becoming automated and driverless truck cabs taking over and truckers growing obsolete, in recent years truckers have become increasingly sought after and it seems this trend will not reverse anytime soon. If anything, recent reports show that the trucking industry could need more than a million drivers over the next decade. This is great news for truckers, as their shortage is boosting drivers’ pay, hence the reason why now is the best time to become a truck driver!

The COVID-19 pandemic disruption has led to increased strain on the supply chains, with the transportation industry taking the grunt of it. It means trucking businesses have been booming, all the while faced with an acute truck drivers’ shortage even before coronavirus has struck. And while their shortage certainly creates obstacles for the businesses that depend on drivers for their deliveries, it has opened doors for others. The shortage resulted in new employment opportunities becoming available, which might not have been as easy to secure otherwise. As unemployment benefits have either ended or are ending soon for millions of Americans, and as many are contemplating major career changes, the trucking industry now presents a prime opportunity to consider for a career change.

Truckers’ salaries, already averaging as much as $50,000 are increasing by as much as 20% as a result of the shortage, attracting new talent into the industry. Much of our nation’s $23-trillion dollar economy depends on 18-wheelers as the backbone or bloodstream of our country if you will. Hence many businesses who are looking for truckers, even offer tuition reimbursement for new drivers. Pay has consistently increased over the years, along with more benefits. With the recent reports suggesting more than 80,000 truck drivers are required to help fix the supply chain shortage, there is plenty of room for newcomers in the industry. Estimates expect this shortage of truckers to surpass 160,000 by 2030. High demand and a lack of new drivers and retirements play into the issue. The American Truckers Association (ATA) estimates earnings are increasing at a rate five times their historical average, with the average weekly earnings for long-haul drivers being up more than 25% since the beginning of 2019.

There are plenty of perks and benefits that a trucking job offers. Amongst them and beyond the high pay of course, is the opportunity to travel the country, high job security, a sense of freedom and job flexibility, various health and life insurance benefits, as well as a minimum barrier of entry into the business, that is to say a CDL license, and hardly other higher education requirements. At AGM Trucking we are keen to support newcomers wishing to join our business and believe this is a great means of supporting our nation and building your career aspirations. Become part of our team and enjoy the rewards and benefits of a commercial truck driver career by calling us now at 630-413-1435

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